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26 January 2013 ·


Thanks to the irrepressible Michael Wagner I’ve been tagged in the 7-7-7 PROJECT. This is how it works: you need to find page 7 or 77 of your manuscript, count down 7 lines and copy the next 7 to your status and then tag 7 other writers.
So here’s mine, from DISCOVERED: A Beagle Called Bella, which comes out in March in the  US and Canada, with Henry Holt. It is also the last story in Rainbow Street Pets, in Australia. 
Now, every night after school, Tim took Sherlock for a walk. Sometimes when his dad got home they all went for another long walk together, down to the beach or a fenced park where the dog could run free. But unless he had soccer practice or something else he had to do right after school, Tim always walked Sherlock first.
Two years ago, when Tim’s mother had left home and gone to live halfway across the country, Tim had hated getting home from school. Mrs. Gunther from next door would meet him at the school gate and take him back to her house till his dad got home from work.
And here’s an early picture of Bella for the cover: 

Now I’m tagging: Rosanne Hawke, Michelle Hamer, Dianne Wolfer, Kelly Artist Illustrator, Roland Harvey and Fleur McDonald. Look them up on Facebook to see what they’re working on! 

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