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9 October 2012 ·

The Joy of being a Premiers’ Reading Ambassador

Wendy Orr�rewards�St Macartan’s pupils | Peninsula Weekly – Western Port Weekly

As a Victorian Premiers’ Reading Ambassador, every year I visit a couple of  the schools participating in the Challenge, to talk about why I love reading and writing. They’re always fun visits, because the kids are already enthusiastic about reading – as you can see by their faces in this picture!

However this is the first school I’ve visited where every single child has completed the challenge. Very impressive –  on the part of the kids, but also on the teachers who’ve encouraged them. A lifelong love of reading isn’t innate; it needs to be nurtured, and I’m very proud to be a part of something that is part of that nurturing.

Young friend reading just for fun! 

So, whether it’s through an organised reading challenge or not, if you’re a parent, grandparent, carer or teacher, think about how you can help foster a love of reading in the children you love.

PS – If you’re an apostrophe freak like me, before you write to tell me that it should be Premier’s singular and not Premiers’ plural… the name was changed last year when the current Victorian premier decided it should reflect the work of all past premiers as well. A nice thought, and worth the brief discomfort of worrying about the apostrophe.

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