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1 October 2007 ·

On being an extra

I promised I’d get back with a bit more about our visit up to the set… better late than never!

Everyone kept telling me that the two main things about being an extra were good food and excruciating boredom. The first was certainly true – the food on the set was some of the best we had on the Gold Coast, and I simply can’t figure out how they served a top restaurant standard in those numbers, and on variable times. I have enough trouble with a dinner party for four!

But bored… no. Even going to Wardrobe to have our clothes checked seemed exciting (we’d been given instructions on what to wear – I’m embarrassed to admit what a huge suitcase of selections we took in our panic to get it right, though in the end Tom’s apparel was still augmented from props!) But the main thing was watching the process from the inside, being part of it, repeating my tiny ‘role’, over and over, as many times as it took for that split second of film to be completed, and understanding a little bit more of the process of making a movie.


  1. Anonymous I started a book club this summer. We call ourselves the Sunshine Fairy Readers.
    We are all reading Nim's Island for our next meeting.
    Nim's Island is so good, I love it. I'll let you know what the other Sunshine Fairy Readers think of it. Our meeting is Oct. 19th.

    Have fun on the movie set.
    I love acting too. We live in Lancaster PA USA and I have been in theatre productions. The lasy theatre I performed at had 2000 people in the audience. It was so much fun.

    Hope you are having fun too.

    Anna, age 9
    October 5, 2007 at 9:36 am · Reply
  2. Wendy Hi Anna

    Congratulations on your performance!

    Thanks for telling me about the Sunshine Fairy Readers. What a great name for a book club!
    Hope everyone else enjoys the book too - and have a really fun meeting.

    happy reading
    October 5, 2007 at 9:41 am · Reply
  3. DLSPBS Greetings from across the pond, Chicago,Illinois USA !!!
    Sending a small THANK YOU your way for being so kind as to participate in TEAM BURNS Q&A session.We all appreciate it more than you will know.
    My name is Lady Pat from the CHICAGO ROSE COMPANY and i will be sending along to you one of my roses as well!!!
    Please feel free to visit my web-site and be sure to sign my guestbook !!!
    [email protected]
    Once again thank you for all you do and indeed we are all connected
    October 20, 2007 at 10:34 am · Reply
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